When the Past Circles Back

A proper blog post will follow when my head quits spinning. For now I will just spew a few thoughts.

Time moves forward no matter what you are doing. Every day you wake up older. We all do, even the young.

You are spending time you will not get back. It would be wise to do things that matter to you.

I have been sorting through my parents’ past. They both have saved items from their parents past.

My mom’s dad died over thirty years ago. I am finding ancient Mother’s Day cards he gave to his mother.

No, they did not go into the trash or recycle piles. My sis and I call it the ‘Keep’ box.

Our hours have been spent discerning what stays and what goes. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

When we are done there will be many more hours spent deciding what to do with what stayed.

Mama would not like us doing any of this if she knew. She has dementia, so she would be mad but not for long.

I came back home determined to purge my files. I did toss a few things, but then I felt a circle forming.

My own past was circling back. The children’s sports events, dog flea treatments, orthodontists appointments, school meetings, family parties… All the things I do not do anymore.

I clamped a bunch of it together and attached a note to my children. I guess I saved a circle for them to feel when I am gone or in a home.

Time goes by every day. Do something important with some of it.


8 thoughts on “When the Past Circles Back

  1. Many of us have gone through this and it is not easy. We moved my in-laws from a house to a senior apartment then assisted living and when my mother-in-law passed we moved my father-in-law to a smaller unit whittling away their belongings with each move. I am in possession of my family’s boxes going back to my 3rd great-grandfather, born in 1803. I hope one of my kids will continue to keep their memories.

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  2. It is so true, the moment we are born we are aging, and those years are so very precious, that it is not until we look back on them, just how fast they flew… We think we have all the time in the world and in a blink of an eye… We find the decades have somehow just whizzed by..
    I am sure your own children will do exactly as you are doing now Flow, as you cherish the memories of special occasions..
    I too save those special cards.. And I even have my own 1st Birthday Card, which my own Mother saved, that somehow managed to survive nearly 7 decades.. 🙂

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