The Hanky-Panky Hanky

My sister and I have been organizing the things in our mama’s house.

Our goal is to clear out the trash and charity items before we start dividing things up.

(No rush. Mama is living it up at the assisted living community.)

My parents shared their home for over sixty years. They accumulated many items. It will take us a while.

I was sorting through the linen drawers weeks ago and was surprised by an improper piece of needlework.

Hidden among the embroidered leaves and flowers was a folded hanky with a hoochie coochie on it.

My mother, grandmother and great grandmother were very proper. They are more the apron, dresser scarf and table runner types.

We did have an interesting great aunt.

My sis and I suspect that the handkerchief originated with Aunt Ethel, but someone else must have saved it?

It is a fascinating bit of needle work ingenuity. This dame even has on an enticing garter.

There must be implants in those firm little breasts.

I guess there was needle porn before Play Boy.

I can see some clever young seamstress giving this seductive little jewel to her lover.

I cannot imagine a man blowing his nose on this masterpiece.

I guess I’ll stop there.


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10 thoughts on “The Hanky-Panky Hanky

  1. This is wonderful! When I was sorting through some family items, I found a large pile of postcards. Most had messages written on them, which was interesting. But even more interesting were the twenty or so cards — some sent to my grandmother — which were, shall we say, suggestive. I missed last Valentine’s Day, but a few of them are slated for this year; they’re just too rich not to share.

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