Tigers with Spots

Color is a function of light, so variations in color are caused by differences in the reflection of light. If you are a photographer you know that morning light, high noon sun and evening sunlight change the colors of the same subject. This is true of my Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ petals and spots. Most of these photos do not exhibit the peach and plum that I love so much. Only the evening rays reflect these hues. The are gorgeous no matter the light. An added bonus is that the local deer do not love them.

I have three generations of these Tigers now. I raised the second and third from bulbils that I removed from the stems in the fall. I have these tall beauties scattered throughout the gardens. They tower over everything else at their five feet plus height.

Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ Double

The blooms are double/complex and open incrementally, another layer peels back each day. The bottom blooms open first in the array.

I cannot think of any other flower that has such delicious spots except the foxglove. I am fascinated in variations in coloration of blooms and leaves.

Plum spots on peach petals

I love Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ in any light.


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