My Reading Porch

Now that I have the attention span of a gnat, I have to avoid all distractions to concentrate.

Gone are the days of coffee shops reading, studying in the quad or listening to music as I read. I must put my brain in time-out with a book.

I usually read non-fiction. I am trying to gain insight into man and nature since I become more perplexed and puzzled each day. I am avoiding all feeds and media and going back to the printed word. I can slow my reading pace to a speed that suits me. I ponder with a pencil in hand.

I got this bistro set for the porch for my birthday last week. I had to unclutter and clean the space. I added a few pieces of art and a tiny wind chime that sounds like tinkling fairy music.

It is my new haven. My space without dishes and laundry. No phone. Leave me alone.

If you need me and cannot find me. This is where I’ll be.


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