Fore Bitten Blooms

The deer came during the night and nibbled the buds off before some daylilies bloomed.

I can tell which types are the tastiest because the entire plant is mostly decapitated stalks.

They do not just eat buds, whole arrays of open flowers are devoured.

CLICK ON EACH PICTURE TO ENLARGE. ( Lavender Rainbow, Peacock Alley, Moonlit Masquerade, Dixie Boy, Strutters Ball, Yabba Dabba Doo, Mabel Nolan, Good Shepherd, Appolodorus, Sebastian, Smoky Mountain Autumn, Purple Pinwheel and Daring Deception as feature)

At least I still have daylily photos to enjoy!

I took down my hanging fence rings for a photo shoot and failed to replace them. I also needed to purchase more green poles. No need now. I have plenty. Hi Ho

I do not mind sharing, but sometimes my wild friends are a bit greedy.

I guess this colorful smorgasbord is irresistible.


5 thoughts on “Fore Bitten Blooms

  1. It’s painful when they eat buds. Not quite as bad when the flowers have opened and been around a few days. I’ve had fairly good luck with deer repellant, now that I know what they like. The trick is to apply it in time.

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  2. Oh, how sad. The same happened to my cabbages this spring… I forgot to cover them one niht and the hares ate them down to the ground! LOL! There’s always next year… 😕

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