My Three Devils

I want to begin by saying that I believe in the evils of man. I pity the plants that are given such names. These will be loved by me despite their assigned, evil names. As luck would have it, my next blog post will be about ‘Lucifer’ Montbretia. They are heavenly right now.

My friends, the Popes, delivered their last two Devil’s Tongue plants yesterday. They have purged them from their gardens. I am happy to be their new mama. I have a lovely spot for them picked out.

I put all three pots together for a photo.

The little sprout poking out in the pot to the right is the now infamous Amorphophallus konjac from earlier posts. It is to my great relief that the accidental castration did not kill it.

The mishap was fortuitous because I never would have uncovered the ‘brain’ bulb had I not be concerned over its survival.

I love the umbrella plume of foliage.

Amorphophallus konjac

The stem has unusual markings.

I will update you on the three Devils when they are settled in to their new home.


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