This is MY Garden

This is MY garden. I choose what grows and what goes.

MY life would be so much easier if I did not have to constantly deal with weeds.

I did not invite these weeds into MY garden. Unwanted forces planted them.

I must be constantly vigilant to prevent the weeds from high-jacking MY garden.

I have limited time, space and resources. These uninvited weeds steal those from MY garden.

I must constantly use Preen as germination prevention. This is MY weed birth control.

I also place cardboard under the mulch so if the seeds of weeds germinate, they cannot grow. MY garden IUD.

If weeds still sneak in when my back is turned, I cut them out with my Hori-hori knife, kill them with chemicals or burn them with a propane torch.

I guess you could call me a baby weed murderer.

It seems strange for a ‘Plant Mama’ who loves plants to spend so much time and effort murdering baby weeds.

If this bothers you, I will save all the baby weeds that I remove from MY garden and you can adopt them.

I have only one garden. I choose what gets to grow and what gets watered, fed and tended. I choose, NOT YOU.

I did not ask for the stray seeds. I do not want all the weeds.

If the unwelcome seeds of the uninvited weeds were never sown, MY life as a gardener would have been much easier all these years.


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