This is MY Garden

This is MY garden. I choose what grows and what goes.

MY life would be so much easier if I did not have to constantly deal with weeds.

I did not invite these weeds into MY garden. Unwanted forces planted them.

I must be constantly vigilant to prevent the weeds from high-jacking MY garden.

I have limited time, space and resources. These uninvited weeds steal those from MY garden.

I must constantly use Preen as germination prevention. This is MY weed birth control.

I also place cardboard under the mulch so if the seeds of weeds germinate, they cannot grow. MY garden IUD.

If weeds still sneak in when my back is turned, I cut them out with my Hori-hori knife, kill them with chemicals or burn them with a propane torch.

I guess you could call me a baby weed murderer.

It seems strange for a ‘Plant Mama’ who loves plants to spend so much time and effort murdering baby weeds.

If this bothers you, I will save all the baby weeds that I remove from MY garden and you can adopt them.

I have only one garden. I choose what gets to grow and what gets watered, fed and tended. I choose, NOT YOU.

I did not ask for the stray seeds. I do not want all the weeds.

If the unwelcome seeds of the uninvited weeds were never sown, MY life as a gardener would have been much easier all these years.


There’s a New Queen in Town

The results of the Spring Queen Weed contest were quite a surprise.

I never thought I’d see a nettle dethroned of the title.


This is not an event to be celebrated, however.

The dominant weed this year is a totally new species.

I kept asking myself, “Did you plant these seeds by accident?”

After discovering their presence EVERYWHERE, I concluded that was impossible.

How could thousands of Sweet Pea seeds suddenly appear?


Well they did.   So without a doubt the 2017 Weed Queen is the Sweet Pea.


Not so sweet.


Spring Queening

Each spring has its own unique crop of weeds. This spring has an unusually high number of different weeds, due to our mild winter. The volume of weeds this March has been overwhelming.

Even though there were many contestants in the Spring Queen Weed contest, there was a clear winner.


This weed showed a superior ability to grow along side other weeds.


This one was firmly rooted wherever it took hold. It clearly dominated the field as a go-getter.


The lovely little purple blooms atop square stems were quickly recognized as a nettle.


Its hairy leaves with a blush of purple, arranged oppositely with palmate venation was the sign that this was no regular Henbit.


I’d like to announce the newly crowned “Spring Queen of the Weeds” is…


Purple Deadnettle/ Lamium purpureum

She is clearly top of the heap for the 2016 spring season.


Congratulations Nettie!

Do not expect me to end this post with

“Long live the Queen.”