Reshaping Reality

It seems ridiculous to continue to focus on flowers when one is surrounded by many serious concerns.

Maybe you are a bit irritated by all the flowers and animal cuteness.

If this is so, consider this thought.

We all reshape our reality.

We heat and cool our homes to avoid experiencing the actual temperature. We dress accordingly to avoid extremes.

We ship in tropical food year-round to avoid the bland, local fare. Very few of us grow what we eat. That’s why we are fat.

Women wear make-up and spanks and color hair to hide our actual appearance.

Maybe the more flamboyant and extravagant one seems, the more mundane that person really is.

Maybe planting ten thousand flowers is a way of trying to grow roots in the wrong place.

We must bloom where we are planted. No one loves an unhappy, fussy, needy plant.

So as I share photos of gorgeous, well tended flowers, rest in knowing

that there are weeds much bigger than yours just outside the frame of the picture.

There is always dirt under my nails and my house is never clean.

I share my JOY and hide my pain. That is what all good women do.

We reshape our reality.


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