My Stinky Gift

My garden has exploded with color.

The peonies have popped. The iris have erupted. The phlox are flowering.

But only one plant has my full attention.

Some friends dropped it off in a big pot at my gate. They seemed anxious to be rid of it.

This plant has many names. I will share only the clean ones…Voodoo Lily or Devil’s Tongue.

Its Latin name is Amorphophallus konjac. I will save you the trouble of looking up the translation.

Malformed penis

This is what scientist do to poor, innocent plants. My husband has joined in on the bullying by calling it the ‘Tallywhacker.’

I usually try to avoid everything phallic, but I am fascinated by ‘Mr. Voodoo.’

I will post when the spathe opens to expose the spadix.

Too bad it is not possible to post a scratch and sniff picture on the internet. It is supposed to smell of carrion to attract flies.

This giant has been a welcome diversion from the usual, puny, needy little flowers.

Stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “My Stinky Gift

  1. Actually, now that I see this, it did the same for us before the laves came out. Really weird looking isn’t it. I believe it has found a great new home.


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