Cat and Coyote

I sat down to delete pictures from my phone today. As I was scrolling and clicking, a picture caused a pause.

We had taken snow pictures at the farm. The picture I thought was of the tracks made by the neighbors’ roaming dogs and cats triggered some memories.

cat on left, coyote on right

“Two-toe triangle.” and “Four forward.” These are my terms for coyote tracks. I had not even considered coyote tracks, because I wasn’t looking for them.

We do have bobcats and coyotes here, so I should have looked more closely. I was busy thinking of other things as we checked for damage in the snow.

coyote track, see the two-toe triangle?
dog track

I am not surprised by the presence of coyotes at the farm. I am, however, surprised that I did not remember my track tips. Maybe I am no longer alert, now that my bunnies are gone.

FLOW slipping in the snow (mentally)

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