Peace from a Tree

My answers usually come from nature. People puzzle me. Nature nurtures me.

Last week the angst level was high with no peace in sight. I was afraid. My path was uncertain.

While the sane folks were cleaning out the lonely house, the crazy person took to the woods.

My camera leads me places I do not go ordinarily. That’s its magic.

I was wandering around with no purpose really. Taking photos of various finds.

The sane people came to check on me. We were together when we discovered the tree.

We three had not been in the woods together at the farm for decades.

There we were; the son, the daughter and me, standing around a big, old beech tree.

Looking at the initials of our four children. JA, AA, LB and AB.

They had been carved long ago by their grandfather. The one who left us.

My peace came from that tree. The angst drained out with my tears.

I have made peace with what was, what is and what will be.

All because of a tree and our Pawpaw thinking of our children as he wandered around in his woods years ago.


9 thoughts on “Peace from a Tree

  1. I’m glad that the tree helped you find peace – a wonderful reminder of a grandfather’s love for his grandchildren. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    1. I have spent more time outside than ever before. I need the wind and the sky. I literally hug trees now. I will think of you as I ponder our fate. I never imagined life to be like this. I truly appreciate all good things more, now that I have been as low as one can go emotionally. Thanks Annette.

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      1. I know how you feel…we all do, I think…haven‘t fully crossed that dark valley but we‘ll get to the light eventually. Don‘t give up x


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