Apples to AppleJack

Mr. Flower and I decided to take a trip up the mountains to buy apples this afternoon.

We traveled on one of Mr. Flower’s favorite curvy roads, Brushy Mountain Road.

We spotted a new sign along the way. It was for an apple distillery, Holman Distillery.

We pulled off the road and down a gravel drive to find a large barn-like building.

The establishment was run by a UNC graduate with a chemistry degree.

It would have been inexcusable to just leave after my taking a few photos.

We were obliged by Tarheel decorum to stay for a tasting.

It would have been rude to take up the man’s time without buying anything.

I should have taken notes on how he made his delicious grenadine. The secret was orange peels.

We did eventually make it up the mountain to get apples.

I love to find folks who follow their dreams, don’t you?


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