Three Queens

I have been watching the buds form for weeks.

They change each day; getting bigger, getting greener, changing shape.

Last night was finally the night for my Night Blooming Cereus to bloom.

I could tell it was time by the giant buds actually quaking in anticipation.

Their petioles had curved up to get the blooms into a horizontal position. Thus the name ‘Dutchman’s Pipe.’

At around nine PM the petals had opened up to exposed the stamens and pistil.

The parts kept peeling back until the throat was opened wide.

I waited hours for a pollinating bat. Only small moths appeared around the blooms.

The scent was a mixture of wintergreen mint and coconut.

This Epiphyllum oxypetalum is truly amazing in every way.

Oh, what a night!


Frog Training

I have been trying for weeks to get photos of my frog friends.

I have to walk very slowly and talk to them softly.

They watch me carefully as I move around the pond.

I step on one stepping stone at a time and pause.

I raise my camera against my torso so there is no arm flapping movements.

I do this over and over. I am able to get closer each time.

They wait longer and longer before diving into the pond to disappear.

I got this shot yesterday.

I think I am finally trained now.


Green Water

We have been watching the water recently.

It has been putting on a show. The show is green.

I sit and watch the green shifting and moving along the shore.

We debate whether it is algae or pollen.

My vote is for pollen.

It is small and uniform.


The sample my neighbor gave me in a jar should have grown exponentially by now if it were algae.

It is fascinating to watch.

Come for a swim?