Frog Training

I have been trying for weeks to get photos of my frog friends.

I have to walk very slowly and talk to them softly.

They watch me carefully as I move around the pond.

I step on one stepping stone at a time and pause.

I raise my camera against my torso so there is no arm flapping movements.

I do this over and over. I am able to get closer each time.

They wait longer and longer before diving into the pond to disappear.

I got this shot yesterday.

I think I am finally trained now.


12 thoughts on “Frog Training

    1. We have a Banjo frog that lives in our pond. We call him Rufus. I rarely get a glimpse of him but he does sing to me as I work around the pond.

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  1. Your training has worked well! I hardly even manage to see the frogs here – they’re usually just a sudden boing!! out of the undergrowth. πŸ™‚

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