The Beheading

I love my deer friends. I do not mind sharing a bit of my flower smorgasbord. But some things are off limits.

I have fence rings and mesh to gently signal that certain special plants should be avoided.

These deterrents do not stop the most determined eaters. Most of the time the eaten parts grow back.

But what does one do with a headless sunflower?

The poor little juicy buds were removed overnight.

Now I have topless, leafless stalks surrounding an obelisk. This is not the look I was going for!

Well at least I have one bloom. I hope this isn’t removed by a raccoon!


6 thoughts on “The Beheading

  1. We’ve had the same issue, too. If there is enough of the plant remaining, it may send new “tops” from the sides. We have had several of ours recover from being nibbled on. Even some of our corn plants that got eaten have been regrowing!

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      1. I buy two jugs of deer repellent every spring and use up most of it through the summer. We get very little rain in summer so it persists fairly well. I don’t always remember to apply it in time, which is why that lily got nipped.

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