Not a Flying Saucer

I should have known better than to order seeds on the internet,

but I had my heart set on Flying Saucers entwining on my new circles trellis.

The seeds came in a plain sealed envelope. There was a little paper about morning glories included.

These seeds have been carefully planted and pampered.

I was excited to see the first buds. I was looking forward to those giant blue and white blooms mixing with the red blooms of the Red Cypress vine. But instead of Lovely blue blooms, purple appeared.

REAL Flying Saucer morning glories

The purple bloom came over like a lead balloon. Maybe a stray wild seed got mixed in?

NOT Flying Saucer morning glories

More and more purple flowers have appeared. Just that small common variety that grows by the side of the road.

I fear the Flower has imported an expensive weed!

Now that I’m thinking about it, the Lablab purpureus I ordered does look a little like Kudzu.

Lablab purpureus… I HOPE


7 thoughts on “Not a Flying Saucer

  1. I ordered flying saucers too. But the plants are being slow to take off, so I’m not yet sure what they will be, Ah well. I;ve planted some out to grow up the climbing peas and beans.


  2. How upsetting! It definitely looks like the heirloom ‘Grandpa Ott’ – a self-sower that comes back forever. Will you be taking it down or just deadheading them?
    Fingers crossed for the Lablab!

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  3. The purples ones are beautiful, but it isn’t good that you’ve paid for something you didn’t;t get and got something you didn’t want. I fear there are many unscrupulous plant sellers on eBay.

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