Fake Masks

My quest started when I ordered masks for Rose to take to college.

I let her pick out what she wanted.

The masks were delivered.

I was aghast.

Most were only one layer. Most were stretchy.

NONE complied with the CDC and WHO recommendations.

I contacted two of the suppliers and sent them links to proper mask requirements.

They both disappeared off the student website.

A mask is PPE not a fashion accessory.

That is when I started making masks for my family, although I hated sewing.

I did research on the best materials and patterns.

I intended to share this information earlier.

I thought others might find it helpful.

Then I began to notice what others were covering their faces with. It seemed anything would do if it seemed like there was some effort. It occurred to me that maybe folks only wished to APPEAR to comply.

The event that pushed me to the edge of the crazy cliff was a visit from my dead father’s financial advisor. Here was this man, standing over my grieving mother wearing a DIRTY, OLD, USED, WELL-WORN disposable mask. I whisked masks onto my mother and sister and discreetly squirted Germex onto their hands after using his pen. (Don’t mess with my family!)

Ever since that day, I have been broadening the circles of safety around my family and friends.

Which brings me to the POINT.

REAL MASKS have at least three layers. (See links at the end of this post)

It is best to have POLYPROPYLENE in the middle.

Polypropylene is a nonwoven plastic.

Here is what it looks like through a microscope.

I think of it as “virus velcro.” It has a charge that traps and holds the virus.

Not all of it is the same. Here is a thinner version.

This is what the mask filters are made of.

I put two layers in most mask. Some thinner masks get three or four layers.

Real masks only work if worn consistently and properly.

Tired of hearing about masks?

I have friends with a dead parent, huge medical bills or residual health problems.

This virus is real so…


Love Flow



10 thoughts on “Fake Masks

  1. Good for you. I tried to buy masks for my mother, and it took a while to find suppliers that were delivering more than “fashion accessories.” It’s terrifying to think that people but these thinking they will be protected. Sounds like criminal behaviour to me!!


  2. Totally agree. I don’t know how people aren’t getting the message. We keep masks by our front door to hand out to people. We are very fortunate that we only need to leave the house for groceries and shop as early in the morning as possible.

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