I Spy

I purchased pairs of plastic chairs for my parents and in-laws.

Now that folks have to visit outside, they needed more seating for guests.

I kept two in my own carport. I call mine the “Spy Chair.”


I do not usually do much sitting around during gardening season.

Since my father’s sickness and death, it seems all I do is sit.

I look at all the things that need doing without feeling the need to interfere. (Sorry Moss)


I call out to my neighbors from behind the vines.


I drink my coffee in it each morning. I sip sangria while spying in the evenings.

I do not get involved in what goes on.

I only spy and sometimes cry.

I look out at my little world with detachment.


I do not know when I will rejoin the action.

For now, I will quietly spy as the world goes on by

without me… and without my daddy.

thumbnail - Copy

It is all I can do.



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