Queen or Angel?

I found a surprise while watering my potted plants yesterday.

I had not noticed the bud on my Epiphyllum oxypetalum before.


I usually notice every change in my garden.

Right now I am too busy. My precious father is dying.

I go to the hospital alone to take the first shift. Only one visitor at a time due to Covid.

So I am very blessed to happen to notice the bud ready to bloom.

I set my alarm clock to wake me near midnight.

I slipped outside with my flashlight to sit alone with my flower.


This was its first bloom after many years of growth.


I was amazed at its complexity.

Its pistil had a shaggy end.


Its anthers glowed in the light.


It was the whitest white I have ever seen.


I sat there in silence thinking that if an angel were a flower, it would look just like this.

It would come to me in the still, cool darkness and give my heart a moment of peace.

This flower may be named “Queen of The Night”, but it was my angel.



9 thoughts on “Queen or Angel?

  1. I know how hard this time of life is. I left my family and flew across the country to sit with my Dad a month at a time. Do flowers know? The last time my night blooming cactus bloomed was during Harvey. It may be an angel to help us through hard times.


  2. I think plants and animals know things that we do not. I would like to think of it as a sign. There is a reason we send flowers in times of sadness. I wrote a post about that 5 years ago when my cousin died. Maybe I will repost it. Thank you for your thoughts and words.


  3. Oh wow. What loveliness I’m the purest of whites. Yes. I agree with your thoughts: called Queen but in truth, an angel.
    Hope all’s fine with you and your dad. Hope you were able to tell him about the nice smelling angel that visited.
    Did she come again this year? If so, she probably brought her sisters along. I like imagining that.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and story. Loved it. Be well. I wish you miracles.

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  4. How very nice. 5 buds! She’s bringing her sisters, then. Wonderful.
    I also wrote about the Queen of the night that came to my attention through my 85 year old friend. This cacti has lessons to teach.
    About your dad, I know he’s missed but I hear acceptance in your voice. That’s good. He’s right where he’s meant to be.
    I also have a mother in heaven. And a father too.
    Thanks for the comment. Be well. Let us know about your blooms any day now. It would be something if it came with the full moon tomorrow(for you/tonight for me) 👏


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