The Willy-Nilly Lily

My “Lily of the Nile” hasn’t bloomed in a while.

I wanted to share one of my purple ones with a “Purple” friend

but did not remember which ones were purple.

I researched the possible reasons that might cause Agapanthus to stop blooming…

needs more sun, needs more phosphorus, needs to be root-bound…

So I moved some to more sun, I gave some more phosphate and I put some in pots.

No blooms again.

I gave up.

My friend has patiently waited for several years now. (Sorry Brenda.)

This year they are blooming.

The whites and the purples.

The ones in full sun and partial sun.

The ones in pots and the ones in the ground.

The ones that got phosphorus and the ones that did not.

They are ALL blooming.

Let this be a lesson.

Things will bloom when they will bloom.

This willy-nilly lily taught me that.


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