Maskmaker, Maskmaker

Maskmaker, Maskmaker keep making masks

slow down the spread, ‘fore we’re all dead

Stick to your scissors and needle and thread

and keep making Covid masks.


For sister, she wants hers pretty.

For brother, he prefers his be green.

Daddy’s? His must be sturdy.

Be sure to check thickness by flame blowing.


Maskmaker, Maskmaker stick to your task

so we can breathe and we can thrive

Keep young ones healthy and old ones alive

This pandemic cannot last.


Grandma? She will misplace hers.

And Grandpa? He will sleep in the thing.

All masks must be three layers

both sides of thick cotton with interfacing.


Maskmaker, Maskmaker share them with all, strangers and friends,

folks far and wide.

Help us stay safe ’til this pandemic ends

then we can all go outside.

WEAR a DAMN MASK.     NO, not damask!

(Singing is better than cussing…)





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