The Whispers

I notice everything.  It’s my way.

There is a lot of loudness in our culture.

There is too much flash, shine and bang.

Everything is competing for your attention.

The television, your computer, your phone.

There is too much noise and sparkle to process.

So I choose where my focus is.

I choose the whispers.

The truth does not need to scream.

Reality is real without the shriek and shimmer .

If you feel blasted by life.



Listen to the whispers.

That’s your soul talking.


Love Flow

2 thoughts on “The Whispers

  1. It may not be the answer for everyone, but I got rid of the televisions in 2011, never have adopted the smart phone, and stay off social media. I understand that I’m limited in some ways because of that (texting’s nearly impossible, and photos require a camera) but it certainly has freed me from the anguish of deciding whether I can give up Facebook, or losing hours to scrolls through Instagram and Twitter. I’d rather read blogs. (They will have to pry my computer and keyboard from these cold, dead hands!)

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    1. Instagram is just flashes, Twitter is a never-ending scroll of all things. I limit my facebook time. I will further limit things in the coming months. Blogs are my answer to staying connected to the things I WANT to connect with. Thanks for reading and the thoughtful comment.

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