White Blushing

I just brought this up from my unheated workshop.


I love how it has blushed pink. It reminded me of one of the fairy’s dresses.


The blush can be seen moving down the buds.


When the blooms finally open, only the tips are white.


I think this is gorgeous coloration.

I do love the whites, but their blushing is pleasing.



11 thoughts on “White Blushing

  1. I love these Christmas flowering Cactus .. I took cuttings from a deep red one years ago and the off-springs I have all came a lighter shade, and now the plants I have are the exact same shade as the one you shared

    Have a beautiful week Flower, sending thoughts your way over the Festive Holidays..
    Much love πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely! Isn’t it fantastic how plants so obviously seem to respond so well to moderately cooler temperatures. Makes me think of this Youtube video my son showed me the other day. I think you might find it fascinating too. According to it, being above or below “comfortable” are two ways to keep our epi-DNA alive and well, and thus staving off the process of aging. Remarkable information, indeed. Changing some things might make us look as fresh as your fabulous Shlumbergera.

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