Outside my Garden

The seasons change and there are surprises in my garden,

but I know this place like the back of my hand.

I can close my eyes and walk around my garden as I fall asleep.

This place is part of me. The nurtured part. The cared for part.

There is harmony and balance.

Outside my garden is an alien place.

It’s noisy and crowded.

There are people who puzzle me and noises that scare me.

I have been spending a lot of time outside my garden lately.

The outside world exhausts me.

I smile through the fear. I watch in wonder.

I try to focus amongst the chaos.

Why must I shop with loud music?

Why are folks rushing and rude?

There is angst and anger outside my garden.

I must be brave.

I wear my armor.

When I get home, I will relax.

I will water my plants and watch my little friends.

I will slow down. I will pause. I will pray.

Thank God for my garden.

My heaven.

My haven.


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