The Verbena Arena

This is my first year with Verbena bonariensis.  It was a gift.

I love it for its tight purple clusters of blooms and its airy loose stems.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly ‘ Papilio polyxenes asterius’

I did not know that it was a butterfly favorite.

Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly ‘Papilio troilus’

On any warm day, I can count on a show at the verbena arena.


I cut the stems back when they went to seed, thinking the show was over.

Painted Lady butterfly ‘Cynthia cardui ‘

I was mistaken. They have grown back and re-bloomed.


I will be cutting them back each June to encourage a second show in August.


Who knew?  Probably you.  Flower is always the last to know everything.

Buckeye butterfly ‘ Precis coenia’

Slow Flow

4 thoughts on “The Verbena Arena

  1. I LOVE VERBENA Bonarensis! It self seeds genereously and is a fabulous perennial! I discovered it in one of my gardening books called Gardens of Napa Valley where it is used extensively in cottage gardens in wine country. I looked for it for years and finally found it. I have been thrilled with mine! What a wonderful gift you received!

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