Sleeping, Creeping, Leaping

One of my garden mantras is “Never ever plant ivy.”

I may have to add another vine in there.

I love my Creeping Fig, Ficus pumila.


The first year here, it seemed to be sleeping.

Last year it began creeping over the wall.

This year it has leaped onto pots and statuary.

I took these two photos seven days apart.

I still love this vine, but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.



11 thoughts on “Sleeping, Creeping, Leaping

  1. A vine that needs to be controlled. Soon the statues and everything near will disappear without someone controlling the situation. It is a lovely vine.


    1. I will pull and trim it in the fall. Right now I am using it to mark the time. I feel like my life is standing still, but the vine keeps on creeping across everything in its path. It keeps progressing…so should I. Thanks Peggy

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  2. I planted ivy once. It spread. Years later, my children and I put on boots and waded into the ivy patch and attacked it. We chanted ” Never, ever plant ivy” as we worked. It took months of cutting, pulling and spraying to get rid of it. It is an enemy like crown vetch, kudzu…


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