Stargazer Crazy

It is hard to miss this show-off in my garden right now.

If you are not looking in its direction, its fragrance will turn your head.


This Stargazer Oriental lily/ Lilium orientalis has doubled in size since last summer.

The only drawbacks are the staining orange pollen and that it is toxic to cats.


(I do not have a cat, but needed to share that for my cat-loving readers.)

Stargazer Oriental Lily


Some flowers are beautiful. This one is crazy beautiful!



9 thoughts on “Stargazer Crazy

  1. Beautiful lilies – that close-up is especially gorgeous! I can’t grow lilies because I have two cats – if they were to lick the pollen off their fur it could kill them . (Their kidneys would be damaged by it.) So I’m glad to see the warning.

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  2. They are crazy beautiful and the scent is so wonderful. I try to pull off the stamens before they open (as soon as I can grab them) as the staining drives me crazy. Did you know that a cotton ball will magically grab pollen grains off petals, surfaces, even cloth (so long as they haven’t been ground in)?

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