A Real Parade

I was thrilled to get to watch a parade that did not require hot glue and poster putty.

This real parade was in the mountain town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

I will spare you commentary.  Enjoy the parade.











I will mention my favorite character in the parade.  Let’s call her Sparkle.




She came through three times. I think she cut the corner and came back around.

I love a parade!


5 thoughts on “A Real Parade

    1. Thanks. There was a mishap with a glue gun which fell into my lap. I am still bandaging the wound three weeks later. The sun got hot during the photo shoot. The poster putty melted and the fairies fell over like dominoes. It was hilarious. I am glad I only do these on holidays. My next one will be a back to school cook out for Alvin. I am doing it because my little Syrian friend is going to a new school. The post is really about Rudy. I have a following of children.


  1. Yes, that is a ‘real’ parade. 😀. Most of my life a parade happened on 5th Avenue, with all the trappings and grandeur. I didn’t know any better until one day, as an adult, I watched a 4th of July parade down a Main Street in Cape Cod. An old fashion ‘real’ parade.

    They are wonderful !!!!!

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