Flying Lucifer

This plant always grabs my attention in the garden.

It’s not just that fire engine red.


It’s not just those spiky leaves.


It’s that stealth-like configuration of blooms


that looks like it could take off from the stem and zoom into the sky.

They are flying in formation today.


I love Lucifer!




Alone but not Lonely

There are many days when I do not see another person from morning til night.

But I am not lonely.

Hawk Moth buzzes by for a visit.


Fish 1 and Fish 2 swim up for a treat.


I do not have to look far to find a friendly frog


or two.


If I can’t find my wild friends, the bunnies are always available for companionship.


It’s okay to be alone, if you are not lonely.


Bounteous Blooms

I am thrilled but puzzled by the bounty of blooms this year.

Could it be related to the fact that none of my dayilies got to get to full flower last summer?

Has the deer herd done me a favor? Probably not.

I suspect that my four-legged friends have been sublty munching on my blooms for years.

Here are some more daylilies blooming today. They just keep coming!

Nowhere to Hide daylily


Purple Pinwheel daylily

Open Hearth daylily

Yabba Dabba Doo daylily

Sebastian daylily
Strutter’s Ball daylily

Stay tuned. There are a few more that bloom late in the season.


His Reflection Addiction

I have tried to save him from himself.

Nothing I have done has worked for long.

The interventions were merely distractions.

Nature has hard-wired him to fight his mirror image.

He thinks it’s another suitor for his mate.

He thinks it’s an invader in his space.

All the while his mate is ignored and his territory is neglected.

He has been fooled by an image.

Fake is Real.

He cannot fight the fixed action pattern in his little brain,

like a twelve year old boy playing Fortnite.

How do we save him from himself?

How do we get him back?

Poor little Mr. Blue.

I am sorry for you.

But go away and leave me be.

Your sickness is robbing me of peace and sleep.

I live here, too.

Blue bird be gone!

My pity won’t save you.


The Fowl and the Flowers

This is my last post about my adventures down south at Edisto Memorial Gardens.

As promised, I will share a few roses along with the fowl.

My favorite rose had no marker.

My cousin and I name it ‘Creamsicle’ because of the colors remind us of that treat.

Some of the roses had lovely fragrances. This one was also missing a marker.

These beauties were identified..

We had to play chicken with a gaggle of geese to cross the bridge.

We spied a lonely Muscovy male among the cypress knees.

My last photo is of family.

If our looks did not give us away, our giggles did.

The four of us were back being twelve for the afternoon.

I miss twelve, don’t you?



Oh Those Knees

I have always found the knees of the Bald Cypress trees fascinating.

(It may be because my Mamaw had one in her living room.)

So when the Edisto Memorial Gardens also had a Cypress Swamp walkway,

I found myself knee-deep in my deeply-rooted fascination.

I could not believe the diversity in shape and arrangement.

One group even looked like a nativity scene.

Yes, there were roses! I will eventually get to those.

But for this post we will be lovin’ on some Taxodium distichum parts.

The roots are unusual, but so are the cones.

My cousins did get a tiny bit of attention during the visit.

Next come the roses and some fowl.

Stick around folks.




Making Memories

I stumbled upon this set of statues while making memories with my sister and cousins.


These are in Edisto Memorial Gardens located in Orangeburg, South Carolina.


These three life-like children are located on the shore of a pond.


The boy reminds me of my son at that age. He loved skipping rocks.


These three statues brought up a flood of thoughts

My children at that age…


My middle school students…


childhood innocence…


I wanted to hug each figure.


Zan Wells is a master at capturing character.


In Love with a Statue

I went down to Orangeburg, South Carolina to see some cousins and fell in love with a statue.

I rode down south with my sister to have a family visit among the roses in the Edisto Memorial Garden.

I planned this to be a rose post.

But then I saw her and the baby.

This is how it happens…

everything else disappears.

There was only me and the two of them.

Forget my family and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Statues by Zan Wells at Edisto Memorial Gardens in Orangeburg, South Carolina

There in the middle of all those roses stood two bronze angels.

Here is the marker.

I will leave the rest up to my photographs. I hope they do them both justice.

This pair and another set of statues are by Zan Wells. The next set will be my next post.

Helen Williams must be a very special person. This was a very special pair of people.