In Love with a Statue

I went down to Orangeburg, South Carolina to see some cousins and fell in love with a statue.

I rode down south with my sister to have a family visit among the roses in the Edisto Memorial Garden.

I planned this to be a rose post.

But then I saw her and the baby.

This is how it happens…

everything else disappears.

There was only me and the two of them.

Forget my family and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Statues by Zan Wells at Edisto Memorial Gardens in Orangeburg, South Carolina

There in the middle of all those roses stood two bronze angels.

Here is the marker.

I will leave the rest up to my photographs. I hope they do them both justice.

This pair and another set of statues are by Zan Wells. The next set will be my next post.

Helen Williams must be a very special person. This was a very special pair of people.





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