Bounteous Blooms

I am thrilled but puzzled by the bounty of blooms this year.

Could it be related to the fact that none of my dayilies got to get to full flower last summer?

Has the deer herd done me a favor? Probably not.

I suspect that my four-legged friends have been sublty munching on my blooms for years.

Here are some more daylilies blooming today. They just keep coming!

Nowhere to Hide daylily


Purple Pinwheel daylily

Open Hearth daylily

Yabba Dabba Doo daylily

Sebastian daylily
Strutter’s Ball daylily

Stay tuned. There are a few more that bloom late in the season.


11 thoughts on “Bounteous Blooms

    1. They all have fence rings hanging on posts around them. I lift off the fence for photos. I cannot believe that you do not have a deer problem, Many of these are yours. South Seas has been gorgeous. Nowhere to Hide is still a favorite.


    1. My Kwanso is blooming now. We call them “ditch lilies.” An elderly friend gave me some 25 years ago. They would take over the world if we let them. I will post about them when they get in full swing.


    2. You’re right, it’s the Kwanso fulva–or some variety thereof–that I have. Mine come from my MIL’s house many years ago. She’d planted them, but even 20 years ago hers hadn’t bloomed in years. Mine tend to be shorter than others that I’ve seen, but I suspect there are all sorts of cultivars and I have no idea what mine are, except that they’re pretty, summery, and I enjoy them!

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