‘Little Much’ Shows Up

I was very excited to find ‘Little Much’ amongst the ‘Persian Berry’ patch this afternoon.

I try to separate out the slow-growers.

I thought I had lost this lovely lilac and white bearded iris.

What a nice discovery on an otherwise strange day.

I hope it is a sign not to lose hope.

I am struggling with my other blog and book.

I want to drop it all until the fall.

I am the FLOWER after all!

Flow movin’ slow.

12 thoughts on “‘Little Much’ Shows Up

  1. Hi, I’m Sandra Kelly’s Mom and really enjoy your flowers and plants I see on flower alley. I have a question. When is the best time to dig up and separate iris ? On line it suggests not ’til July. Is that what you do ? Thanks, Jean Hawes

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  2. My rule is after July 4th. It dig, separate, cut fans to six inches and dust cuts in the rhizomes with sulfur. I let them dry out for a few days in the shade and then replant them shallow with the top half of the rhizomes above the soil. I love Sandra! Good to hear from you Jean.


    1. I have written a manuscript about my daughter’s journey through twenty plus years of epilepsy. It’s for parents. It include stories of things that happened to her followed by insights from me “seizure mama”. I have been working on this for ten years. Now we have a blog. seizuremamaandrose.org Publishing a book is as hard as writing it. Please look at some of the posts Ali. I have worked hard to make it useful and interesting.

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  3. Beautiful irises – you’re inspiring me to grow more of them… šŸ™‚ I hope you keep going with your book. It sounds like it will be very helpful for other people with epilepsy (and their families) and at this stage you’ve done a massive amount of work. Have a rest if you need it but don’t give up on it!

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      1. I have a friend who is writing a book – and she’s also realising just how much there is still to do when the writing part is finished – it’s hard work!

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