11 thoughts on “Azalea Aflame

  1. I have an orange, deciduous Azalea too – I believe it’s called ‘Fireball’. Far from in bloom yet, but I’m hopeful it will come along… it’s gorgeous! It contracted some kind of virus when I once dug it up and left it sitting above ground for at least a year. That affliction made it develop a really fantastic leaf variegation, which I love! I think it only adds to it. It’s the only Azalea I have left. Most of them get so afflicted by the Azalea Lace bug, but since this one is deciduous, it doesn’t have that problem. Hope to take cuttings of it some day…. those leaves are truly amazing! It would be interesting to know if it’s strong enough to propagate, and if those leaf patterns would remain.

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  2. That is wonderful! Azaleas always remind me of my gran. She had a gorgeous tangerine-coloured one. They are stunning when they catch the sun.

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