A Flower a Day in April..not happening

That’s how it is here. Each day a new flower starts blooming. I record it in my journal and take its photo.

Persian Berry: first iris 2019

That’s where it ends.

I go back to weeding and transplanting.

‘Night Sky’ petunia

My hands are dirty, my shoes are dirty, my apron fills with debris.

Ice Plant, Delosperma ‘Fire Spinner’

I talk to the bunnies and my bird friends, but the computer is inside.

Thunder Echo, second iris 2019

It may as well be on the moon, because I am literally running to get things done.

Before rain tasks, after rain tasks. I forgot to fertilize the smallest rose… So sorry baby!

You should be seeing a flower a day here, but I have things to do with my dirty hands..

Then there is preparation for a fairy Easter egg hunt…


So much to do, so little time…


5 thoughts on “A Flower a Day in April..not happening

  1. No worries – I run around doing a thousand other things, and – again – I have that sinking feeling that for yet another year, my constantly changing garden is going to look like another collection of half finished ideas. Which makes me sad, but it can’t be helped. Not without hiring some muscle, anyway – which I just might have to do.

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