Quiet White

I went out to take pictures ahead of the coming storm.

It is overcast.

This is when white shines like a diamond amongst the greens.

White Columbine

Most folks overlook white flowers.

‘Snow flake’ Creeping Phlox

Take a closer look on an overcast or rainy day.

White Cupflower, Mazus reptens ‘Alba’

You may end up liking white as I do.

Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Some say it is the rice of the garden…cleansing the palette.

I think white flowers have an understated elegance

that is for those with a delicate taste for finer things.

White Epimedium

The quiet color that waits to be noticed.

Dogwood Tree, Cornus florida

Yes. I like white flowers very much.


20 thoughts on “Quiet White

      1. Thank you Flower.. and Dreamwalker was my only name here in blog land years ago until I transferred to WP where it was already taken, so I added my first name… May all your own Dreams come true.. Happy Easter to you 🙂

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  1. I like white flowers very much too! I love them at dusk, when they almost glow in the half light. I need to find a white flower that thrives in shade for the terrace – any suggestions?


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