Fairy Egg Hunt with a Hitch

The fairies begged us to have an egg hunt over Easter weekend.

Ruth and I hid the eggs.

Tinker Bell brought cupcakes.


The Tooth Fairy brought Sundaes. I think she has a sweet tooth.


Rosebud insisted we serve tea.

Those Playmobil fairies wear their skirts too short for my taste. Baby don’t bend over!

The Queen was dressed in her best vinery. Looks like she’s been eating a chocolate bunny.


Poison Ivy is way too competitive. She brought a very large basket.


I loved Wingrid’s hat. It was just her color. (literally)


I did wish that Ruth had not kept pointing out where we hid the eggs.


A chipmunk showed up.

He spent most of his time finding the food. No surprise there.

When the finders are also fliers, the sky is the limit as far as hiding places go.


I am not sure what happened?


Our egg hunt turned into a chick rescue.


I should have known not to use those magic eggs!

Happy Easter Peeps



8 thoughts on “Fairy Egg Hunt with a Hitch

  1. There is certainly a lot more going on in your yard than in mine! I loved your fairy egg hunt story and especially the ending with all the chicks. Darling pics!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love doing fairy posts. My sister says I should have a fairy blog. It is a lot of work. I try to do one on each holiday. Thanks for the visit and comment Sandra.


  2. So sweet! I love the fairy with chocolate around her mouth – a fairy after my own heart. What a magical Easter egg hunt you have created.

    Liked by 1 person

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