Unmulch: Remulch

Get out there while the weather is good. Gather your tools and gloves.


It’s clean-up time in the perennial beds here in the south.

There are babies on the way.

New bloom growth of Hellebores and Epimediums are peeking out of the ground.


I also cut down evergreen ferns now so I have a clear view of the lovely new fiddleheads.

Get all those old stems out of the way before new growth emerges.


It is much easier to do this now than have to be careful around the new shoots.

Removing old mulch and fallen leaves also removes disease and insects.

Replace with a fresh light layer of pine needles.


It is not spring, but you need to spring into action.

Like the saying about a horse costume… I’d rather be a head than a behind.

FLOW says GO!

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