Seed Sorting

Maybe a better title would be “Seed Hoarding.”


January is the time to sort seeds. We start sowing in February here in North Carolina.

I must say that sorting would be easier if Flower had done a better job of storing them. Note the envelopes with 2015 on them. (Sigh)

It seems as though any old bag will do.


Accurate labels are not important either.


Thankfully I took an Economic Botany class in college.

Our final was identifying hundreds of seeds by sight.

Moonflower : Ipomoea noctiflora

I do throw in a few pods with  the seeds.

Red Double poppy

If I did not, I am afraid that Columbine seeds could be mistaken for a bag of mouse poop.


I found these unidentified seeds in a tiny bucket. (Anybody recognize them?)


Seeds do have their own character.

Love-in-a-Puff: Cardiosperma halicacabum

Here are some Hibiscus seeds that were husked today.


Jack-o-Lantern has never grown here. I’ll try again.

Jack-o-lantern , Chinese Lantern: Physalis alkekengi

I seem to have sown a seed in my coffee.



6 thoughts on “Seed Sorting

  1. Haha – you made me laugh in recognition…. I have several cups and bags with seeds that I’ve collected, vainly thinking that I will do something with them. Truth is, I very rarely do. However, this post is an inspiration, so maybe this year, something actually WILL get done about my own personal seed hoarding. I use that trick with including a few seed heads for ID, too- otherwise I’d be completely lost. (Since I more often than not forget to label things.) Happy seed starting to you!

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