The Poisonous Path

I went into the woods this evening

to try to locate a lovely bracket fungi that I had photographed previously.

I needed to look up to find it,

but one must always look down while walking in the woods.

This is how I found the path…


of white mushrooms.


Yes, they are poisonous Amanitas.  They are lovely but deadly.


Fear not. I was following their path, not eating them.


A circle of these is called a fairy ring, so I thought of this as a fairy path.


If YOU found a fairy path in the woods wouldn’t YOU follow it?


Every ten feet or so was another cluster of lovely, glowing, white mushrooms.

It went on and on until I had to pause in awe.

There before my very eyes was the Mother of all mushrooms.


It was big enough to wear as a hat.


It was a magical adventure. I am so lucky.


The FLOWER follows a poisonous path through the woods and survives to tell the tale.

10 thoughts on “The Poisonous Path

    1. I thought that same thing about their whiteness. Itade me think of that substance on water lily leafs that repels dirt. I have never seen a line like that before. It was magical. I felt transported, without eating a shroom.


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