What can we learn from Fungi?

There is devastation in Texas, Mexico, Florida and many of the Islands below Florida.

Once all the power and water are back on, there is a big souvenir pile left.

Debris. Non-biodegradable. Non-reusable. Trash.

Soggy sheet rock, insulation, plastics, moldy furniture, ruined appliances and cars…

Dig a hole? Throw it in it?  Have you forgotten the water table below?

Nature experiences its own devastation.

Who cleans up?



They break down the dead trees and leaves and return the nutrients to the soil.


This isn’t the end of the story.


Things eat the mushrooms. They are food for the living, while living off of the dead.


That’s called a cycle. The circle of life.


Until we humans figure out we are all part of this same web,


we may end up in one of these holes we keep digging.



12 thoughts on “What can we learn from Fungi?

  1. Fungi. You keep coming back. Repetition is the mother of knowledge. When will we ever learn? And Nature is absolutely neutral. Doesn’t care if we live or die. That’s our responsibility.

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