If I Had Wings

If I had wings, I would have two sets.


They would be shiny, but sturdy.


The veins would be silver.  The film between would be clear as glass.


I would be able to fly up, down, sideways, backwards and also hover.

My wings would work in tandem and independently, so I could do tricks in the sky.


I would fly fast and fly far until I found a lovely garden full of flowers.

Then I would land on something pointy and pose for pictures.


I would smile with my chitinous teeth


and look at the camera with my 30,000 lenses.


FLOWER dreams of being a dragon fly.

13 thoughts on “If I Had Wings

    1. I have read that they have a predator success rate of 90+%. I am glad that I am not a mosquito. I tried to photograph some red dragonflies in CA, but they never stopped moving. This one in the blog hangs out on that stake in the garden all afternoon each day. He is my little friend.

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