Bugs and Bunnies

I am surrounded by cuteness.

Most people think bunnies are cute,

Charlotte and Barley. My New Zealand/Lop rabbits.

but I think bugs are also cute.

Baby Mantis on Eucomis

I think it is precious that something so tiny is busy doing its job in the garden.


The bunnies, however, do not seem the least bit concerned


with doing anything productive.


I guess when you are that cute, you don’t need to concern yourself with a purpose.


I guess their cuteness is their purpose.

I wish I were that cute!

FLOWER/Bunny Stalker

8 thoughts on “Bugs and Bunnies

  1. Ha, you wish you were that cute but you’re as busy as a bug. There are worlds of cuteness that we hardly ever look into. We think they’re strange, but that’s only because WE are such strangers to those worlds. But once we do like you do and look into one of those worlds, what do we find? They’re pretty!

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