June Again, Knock on Wood

I don’t want to jinx myself by saying this but,

June is usually the month all goes awry.

Something unusual usually happens in June. (Knock on wood)

I am going to try to remain calm and carry on.

If you stop hearing from me, somebody better come check on us.

It is hard to keep up with a garden during June here in North Carolina.

The wetness and warmness make every plant go through a growth spurt,

including the weeds.

To keep me from going through a daylily/Hemerocallis frenzy on-line,

I will share them in phases.

The first five are in bloom.


Whooperee bloomed first this year. It has big, juicy buds that were gobbled up by the deer last year. The spent blooms are heavy and bleed red on your hands. The deer know how to pick the most succulent blooms.

Little Lila

Little Lila is a sweet smaller daylily that fits nicely in a mixed border. The lime green throat is nice contrast to the magenta eye and delicate pink petals and sepals.

Lavender Rainbow

Lavender Rainbow shines  yellow in sun. In shade it appears more creamy. I so love its blotchy lavender eye.  It has slightly frilled margins which dresses is up. Fancy!

Smoky Mountain Autumn

Smoky Mountain Autumn is my favorite color of pinkish salmon. I love how its petals are darker and wider than its sepals and I love that bright yellow eye.

Breed Apart

Breed Apart is nicely detailed with a golden frilly margin to match its golden throat and pollen. Its coloration is webbed instead of solid which reminds me of Amaryllis coloration.

It is hard to pick a favorite daylily. So, I just pick a favorite for each day. There will be some more coming into bloom from now until August. I think of the daylilies as variations on a theme. I mix them in my borders, so that there are flowers blooming before them and after them.

Keep your fingers crossed for me during June. Let’s hope all goes well THIS year.

At least I have eight rabbits’ feet to improve my luck.   Attached to my bunnies, of course.

Oh, oh, the habits of a hare. Oh, oh sitting ‘neath a chair. Sitting ‘neath a chair.


7 thoughts on “June Again, Knock on Wood

  1. Toutes vos fleurs sont une merveille, j’adore les couleurs et suis admirative pour les soins que vous leur accordez. Et bien sûr, je vais croiser les doigt pour vous en ce mois de juin 🙂 La position du lapin me fait rire!
    Mes amitiés


  2. I agree with you about June. The heat is on and we had a major growth spurt while I was out of town for a week. The weeds are seriously beating me right now. Daylilies look great, Smoky Mountain Autumn is my favorite so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have tripled the amount of mulch in hopes of smothering weeds. I am also filling holes in my beds with plants or pots. I am trying to be proactive. I can’t stand the thought of using Preen. Weeds will win if you turn your back on them. We are fighting evolution you know?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been recycling most of my cardboard for weed smothering. It works pretty well. Planting more and more stuff to cut down on weeds! Agree about Preen bad for birds.


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