Hot Chocolate Calla

This is one of my very favorite plants in my garden.

Zantedeschia  ‘Hot Chocolate Calla’.


I have many clumps of them around my gardens. Most are located in partial sun with good drainage.  I leave them out over the winter here in Zone 7.

I did dig up dozens of round rhizomes last fall to share as gifts at a Christmas gathering.

The deep, dark burgundy blooms look almost black in low light.


The bright green leaves have clear streaks that appear silver.

Their 2′ to 3′ height means they fit in well as the second or third line back in a bed.


The spathe and spadix blooms have a lovely shape from any point of view.


The blooms rise above the leaves and stand out on their tall stems.


I have several other callas which will bloom later.

Hot Chocolate is by far my best bloomer.




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