Another Busy Day

There is always work going on in the garden.

Mr. Frog is busy guarding his water lily.


Ms. Fritillary Butterfly is inspecting the inside of one of her flowers.


Barley is checking the growth of weeds in the bunny yard.


Ms. Goldenrod Spider is trying to blend in on some butterfly weed blooms.


One of the herons is looking for breakfast.


Charlotte is searching for a new dig site.


Chip is digging in my little pot of…  Chip stop that.   Chip?


Now, I need to clean up a mess.

Always busy in the garden.


6 thoughts on “Another Busy Day

  1. I love this post and its pictures! Life goes on and on, and every living thing has its mission and purpose. This is a beautiful truth about planet Earth.

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  2. En effet, un jardin demande beaucoup de travail si on souhaite qu’il soit plaisant. Merci pour toutes vos belles photos, c’est magnifique avec vos fleurs superbement bien entretenues 🙂
    Mes amitiés

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