Everywhere You Look

I thought that God stayed in my garden.  That’s where I pray.  He’s always there.

I think of all my flying friends as angels, because they have wings and are beautiful.

But I was wrong.

I was praying in the Emergency Room of a hospital. God was there. The angels wore scrubs and police uniforms.  No wings.

I prayed to give some of my peace, health and sanity to a shrieking, crying man.

I prayed to give me some of a crying, little boy’s pain.

I prayed for a calm doctor being yelled at by an irate, scared, in-pain woman.

I prayed for the screaming woman, too.

God was in that chaos every bit as much as he is in my beautiful, peaceful garden.

I just needed to look for him.

He is everywhere.


3 thoughts on “Everywhere You Look

  1. Are you ok? Were you in the ER for yourself or a loved one? The nurse in me is curious! Hope all is well…♥


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