Popping Poppies

Every year when the poppies pop, I walk through them in awe.


How could they be this red? …this beautiful?  …this perfectly made?

I hope I never lose the feeling I get when looking into a poppy bloom.


They are marvelous. They are spectacular.

How can a tiny black speck grow into such magnificence?


Let me add the lesson the poppies have taught me.

I have planted them various places in my gardens over the years,

but they thrive in a place that I would prefer that they not grow.

They love the edge of our vegetable garden.


Mr. Flower has to plow around them.  We have to plant around them.

We let them stay here because we love them so much.

My saying for me has been “Grow where you are planted”.

Now that I have young adult children, my saying for them is,

“Plant yourself where you can grow”.

The poppies taught me this.

They thrive and bloom best where they plant themselves,

NOT where Mama Flower sowed their seeds.


POP goes the FLOWER!

7 thoughts on “Popping Poppies

  1. Poppies are one of my favorite. This year I planted and replanted the seeds and only 2 germinated. Yesterday, I was looking back on my blog and found a poppy post that I was planning to put up tomorrow. This year I will just have to enjoy your photos and my old ones.

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  2. Love your popping poppies! Their intricacy always amazes me as well, but I’ll have to wait close to a month for them to pop here. Some of my favorites here are volunteers that spring up among the greenhouse gravel each year — remnants of a previous planting by the former owners. They’re gifts! My garden pride and joy are my blue poppies. The only new ones I started this year are black peony poppies, some of my favorites. Enjoy!

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  3. Que c’est beau et j’aime tant voir les champs de coquelicots, ce rouge est magnifique et chez nous, ils poussent dans les champs avec les bleuets et marguerites. Merci pour vos belles photos richement colorées 🙂
    Mes amitiés


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