My Excuse to go out in the Rain

I decided that I needed to remake my plant markers for all my Hostas now that they are up.

Frances Williams Hosta

First I went out to find each hosta on my list and record its location.

This involved pulling up the old markers made of plastic knives (or pieces of knives) with faded writing.

Poor little Patriot has been eaten and stepped on.

Sometimes I could only decipher a few letters. I compared this to my list and identified most of them.

Then I made the new markers using plastic chopsticks.

I wrote each Hosta’s names on a chopstick with a marker,

then carved the name in with a Dremel tool.

Then I rewrote the name again to make it easier to read.

I went back outside to place each new marker around the base of the designated Hosta.

June Hosta

Have you been counting trips outside? I have been soaking wet three times so far.

Francee Hosta

Some folks have the sense to come in out of the rain, some don’t.

At least I hung my laundry inside.



6 thoughts on “My Excuse to go out in the Rain

  1. Bravo pour votre courage de sortir sous la pluie 🙂 mais au moins la lessive séchera mieux à l’intérieur !
    Merci pour vos belles photos et joli travail.
    Mes amitiés

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  2. A little rain never hurt anyone (as my mother would say). I am having that issue with my gingers, which are our hosta substitutes. The gingers tend to move and of course, the markers get old. Let us know how your new ones hold up.

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