Bougainvillea Blooms and Bracts

I got this plant for my mother as a Mother’s Day gift last spring.


We have divided it into three.  Now my sister and I have one also.


The bracts were an unusual light pink when I purchased it.

Mine is now blooming white,


except for one pink spot.


The three flowers are in the center, each emerging from a bract.


The bracts are the colorful part. The tiny blooms are usually white.



15 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Blooms and Bracts

  1. Beautiful Flowers! Interesting, I live on a street called Bougainvillea Court, which is also referring to the thorn bearing flowering plant here in NC.


    1. I would like to add that my intention for this post was to take a photo of all three of the bougainvillea plants to compare bloom/bract colors. I went to visit my mom and sister yesterday. My sis left hers outside and it froze, so it was nothing but sticks. I had to do some first aid on several of her plants. She is too busy to pamper plants.
      My mom’s plant did have leaves, but no blooms.
      Only mine is blooming. I am further north than they are and usually behind them in blooms.

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    1. There are many “family flowers” in our family. We name them for the person who originally had the plants. We refer to them by names like “Gran Plant” and “Pearson Peony”. I hope there will be many “Alley plants” as my living legacies.

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